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Wever & Ducré

The client

Wever & Ducré stands for trendy LED lights with an appealing design and high-quality material. The company's history begins in the early eighties, when a handful of young Belgians decided to set up a lighting company. Today the brand stands for lights that not only look great, but also score with inner values. They are the latest generation of LEDs that feel just as comfortable in a small attic apartment as in the trendiest club in town. The reason is clear: they save space, conserve resources and thus ensure a better quality of life. Wever & Ducré is constantly working with artists and designers on new, creative LED lighting solutions. In order for the cool, high-quality lights to reach their new owners as quickly as possible, the company delivers promptly and directly from stock. From Belgium with Love!

The challenge

Wever & Ducré is an international company with sales offices throughout Europe and a global network of partners. Most of the products are produced in Asia and distributed via the logistics center in Belgium. The main strengths of the company are enormous flexibility and customer focus. This was only possible to achieve through close integration of the sales units into the company processes. Growing sales structures also resulted in the requirement for multiple intercompany chains.

The solution

In a very short preparation period of only 6 months, the core processes were analyzed, the system set up, necessary adjustments for company-specific processes carried out and all employees trained. Test runs with the key users as a safeguard were conducted. The rollout was implemented as planned and "normal operation" was established after just a few days. During the rollout, the logistics center was still at the "old" location in Aalst and the company headquarters in Kortrijk. The relocation of the logistics center to Kortrijk had already been planned. As part of the analysis, it was decided that the rollout should take place first and the relocation would be carried out later. Also, the old system, Navision, would be replaced.

The AX rollout was only possible as a big bang, as the employees were not in the position to lose the intercompany functions of NAV. The relocation of the warehouse was carried out in one week and with a downtime of only 2 working days. Special focus also had to be placed on the training concept, as only some of the permanent staff moved to Kortrijk.

The outcome

With the introduction of Dynamics AX and the integrated WMS solution, the number of processed orders in customer service was significantly improved and the customer response times were greatly reduced. In the logistics center, too, the number of deliveries per day and employee increased significantly. The almost complete disappearance of picking errors in the warehouse was a particularly positive change. The next step is to integrate a web shop that will raise customer service efficiency at least a level higher.

The feedback

"Many thanks to the XALAX team for the very competent support with our ERP conversion from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics AX. The project team came to understand our business and our processes very quickly. This enabled us to make the transition in a very short time and with an incredibly short downtime for the go-live."

Johan DeSmedt, Managing Director Wever & Ducré

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